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Places We Love

This assignment ran from May 1 to May 22, 2018.
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Editor’s Note: Please try and capture new images for this assignment. Images published in previous assignments will not be selected for the final story. 

I love Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I think that’s a statement I make each time that I meet someone new and they ask about the place where I grew up. I can carry a conversation about the best places to eat, best places to be on a Sunday afternoon, and the best place to view the city at night.

Because I love my home so much, I have always been fascinated by where people are from or the places they now call home. I also really enjoy traveling, and I’ve fallen in love visiting places that some of our Your Shot photographers call home, such as San Francisco, Chicago, Wyoming, New York, and Banff!

For this assignment, I’m challenging our community to photograph the places they love. What is it about a place that makes you fall in love with it? Iconic landmarks? Interesting architecture? Breathtaking views? Or maybe you love meeting interesting people in your own neighborhood, or you love a hiking trail out in the country. You don’t have to go far to show me an interesting location that you deeply care about. If I were participating, I would share this image from San Francisco. I don’t call this place home, but I have found myself falling in love with the beauty of the West Coast each time I visit. Or maybe I would share this image from Charleston, South Carolina—another place I love for its beauty and culture. A reminder to write in your caption why you love the place you are sharing with us and while I will accept older images for this assignment, please try and get out and take some new images of places you love. 

Now that it’s almost summer here in Washington, DC, I’m ready to travel. So show me a place you love, because I’m hoping the final story inspires me to take a vacation sometime soon!

Matt Adams

Curated by:

Senior Producer, Nat Geo Your Shot

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Published Jun 7, 2018.
Thanks for your contributions!
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