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I Want to Go There...

This assignment ran from Jul 16 to Aug 6, 2018.
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When I tell people I work for National Geographic, they often ask, "Do you get to travel a lot?" While I do get to go to a conference or on the occasional #YourShotMeetUp, the majority of my time is spent at my desk in Washington, DC, staring at a computer monitor. But I am lucky — I get to visually experience the world through your photography. And because Your Shot is a global community representing 195 countries, I truly have the unique opportunity to see the world every day without leaving headquarters.

This assignment is simple — I want to see photos that make me and the rest of the Your Shot community think, "I want to go there."

From epic landscapes, to swimming with whales, to spending time with your family in the backyard, I want to see photos transporting me somewhere on our planet.

There will be an impulse to submit only photos from "exotic" destinations - yes, I want to go to Iceland, Spain, Japan, Kenya, Antarctica, etc. - which might deter many of you from participating. But, remember that anywhere and everywhere can make me think, "I want to go there." For example, check out the work of Your Shot photographer Terra Fondriest. I have never met her, but through her photography documenting her family, I feel like I know them. I feel the happiness they have in their beautiful utopia of Ozarks, Arkansas. And I want to go there and spend the day with them — it looks like so much fun!

If I were participating in the assignment, I would probably share a photo from my favorite campsite in West Virginia. But I would also share this photo of my nephew Timothy because I love this memory of being proud of him as he kept reading to his sisters and me at bedtime.

Close your eyes and think about your photos that make you feel "I want to go there." As always, take advantage of your caption to share the story behind the photo, enriching my experience with your submission.

I can't wait to travel the world through your photos and stories! I can't wait to go there.

David Y. Lee
Producer, National Geographic Your Shot

David Lee

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Producer, Nat Geo Your Shot

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Published Aug 22, 2018.
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