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Adventures of a Lifetime

This assignment ran from May 29 to Jul 3, 2019.
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When we head outdoors into the great wide open, we’re looking to make memories and experience something life-changing. This assignment asks you, our global photo community, to share with us images from the most amazing adventures you’ve had during your travels. These aren’t just any images; these are photographs that feature your most epic adventures in beautiful places. This assignment also comes with an incredible opportunity. We’re partnering with National Geographic Traveler once again to offer one of our photographers the chance for their photo to be on the cover of Traveler magazine! Our editors are excited to see your submissions. Here’s a small dose of what they are looking for:

Show us breathtaking vistas of mountains, icebergs, waterfalls, beaches, forests, cliffs, lakes—places that are almost too spectacular to be real. Now, maybe you can't get to somewhere you feel is epic. What kind of adventure can you have close to home? Maybe you went on an adventure in your city or on a nearby trail. We want to see how the entire community envisions an adventure of a lifetime.

National Geographic invokes the spirit of wonder and exploration. Magazine covers must have an emotional quality that encourages people to get out and see the world for themselves. Show us your adventure of a lifetime!

As you look through your travel photos, or set out to take new ones, here are some things to think about:

· As always, captions are important. In addition to naming the location, please include details about who is in the image, what are we seeing, where we are, when was the image made, and how you got there.

· The very best travel magazine cover photos make readers wish they were in the picture.

· Your photograph should demonstrate a strong sense of place. The location you’ve photographed does not have to be immediately recognizable, but the scene should not feel like a generic landscape.

· Magazine covers require a photo with vertical orientation. You can submit horizontal images, but we’ll have to crop them to fit. Additionally, our National Geographic Traveler logo will appear across the top, so too-busy backgrounds can make the type hard to read.

· The photograph will ideally have been taken within the last five years. Places change quickly, and the image should reflect the destination as it is today.

It’s a wide and wonderful world out there, and we can’t wait to be amazed and inspired by your pictures of it!

Anne Farrar

Curated by:

Director of Photography, National Geographic Traveler
George Stone
Editor in Chief, National Geographic Traveler
Maura Friedman
Associate Photo Editor, National Geographic Travel

Assignment Status

Published Jul 29, 2019.
Thanks for your contributions!
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